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Robert Stern

Welcome to, a home for HOA Accountability. Behind this platform is a multifaceted individual, originally from Steubenville, Ohio, who proudly served his country as a young Army lieutenant before graduating with accountancy honors.

His career, spanning various industries, saw him excel in public accounting, broadcasting, and entertainment.

In Hollywood, he made his mark in both film and television, playing a significant role in the financial administration of many productions including STAR WARS and M*A*S*H. His administrative acumen led him to senior roles in corporate administration and Accounting & Finance.

Following a successful entrepreneurial venture with his company CASH FLOW SOLUTIONS Inc, he concluded his career as General Manager of a Beverly Hills Talent Agency.

A licensed real estate broker in California, he also ventured into investment and has served on multiple HOA Boards in California and Nevada.

Today, he channels his experiences for better governance, having authored books, including “HOA WARS: What Happens in Vegas Can Happen Anywhere.”

After facing governance issues within SCA, he is now dedicated to fostering change ensuring HOA Board transparency and accountability. This blog is an extension of that mission.

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