Why We’re Blogging for Homeowners

At BobbioBlog.com, we understand that the management of homeowner associations (HOAs), especially within the confines of Nevada's laws, is not a black-and-white affair.

It is a complex process and navigating through these regulations can be quite challenging. The Nevada Department of Real Estate, unfortunately, has not been able to offer the necessary assistance homeowners need to rectify situations.

The SCA board holds immense power that can significantly affect homeowners, and this power must be exercised with utmost fairness and accuracy.

The COO and the Community Manager, who are licensed by Nevada and tasked with running SCA operations, must be well-informed and diligent in their duties.

They are mandated to ensure that Nevada's laws and the governing documents are fully adhered to, a responsibility that is not currently being achieved, putting homeowners at administrative and financial risks.

When legal counsel is used against homeowners, as seen in SCA, it indicates that there are irregularities. The solution to this issue lies in exposing such individuals and electing competent individuals to the Board of Directors.

A fireworks display with red, white and blue colors.

Let’s Call Out Poor Leadership

As residents of a beautiful and active community, we cannot afford to have our lifestyle affected by financial irresponsibility and poor leadership from the board.

At BobbioBlog.com, we are committed to uncovering and discussing the financial and administrative shortcomings within our community and advocating for accountability.

By blogging, we channel the power of informed decision-making in protecting the interests of all homeowners, and we strive to provide this information to facilitate effective HOA Board Elections.

Stay informed, and let's build a better and more accountable community together.