Nominations for the 2024 Election for the SCA Board of Directors are being disclosed on the Monday Community eblasts. Two candidates were disclosed on January 8. One of them is current President Steve Anderson seeking reelection. Thankfully more candidates will emerge in coming weeks as nominations close February 5.

But if one thing is certain Steve Anderson is part of the problem and not part of the solution. He’s an academic and a marriage counselor and a nice guy. Have you heard the expression that “ nice guys finish last”? In the upcoming election Steve Anderson based on his record deserves to finish last.

Mr. Anderson likes to develop consensus and everyone getting along as if that is the goal. In running a business the goal is to act in the best FINANCIAL and ADMINISTRATIVE interests of your owners and in the HOA context you the homeowners have been under served and Mr. Anderson is partially responsible.

The Board pf Directors under our self managed structure has been and is responsible for setting policy and the Chief Operating Officer currently staffed by Sandy Seddon is responsible for 100% management. The evidence is clear that they both have done a bad job and need to be replaced.

Mr Anderson has participated in the creation and financial model of the restaurant. The concept of going in 100% and having SCA put up over $1.3 million and not even installing separate utility meters is typical of the lack of business foresight that allowed a plan of deficit financing and losses for 4-5 years. And his plan is incurring greater losses than anticipated. That should not be a surprise. In October the restaurant lost over $50,000 not including utilities and insurance. Perhaps November will be better. He already knows as he has received the November information but won’t be transparent and release the information now. He has been part of the spin and deception that now includes a bogus 2024 Budget for the restaurant showing only a ($200,000 ) projected loss. That budget was admitted by past Treasurer in a Town Hall meeting as not real. Is ($50,000) x12= ($600,000) annual LOSS possible in 2024? YES!

Under President Steve Anderson we have a 2024 dishonest budget. Voters ought to disqualify him.

And under Anderson our Main Reserves have slipped from nearly 90% to the projected 60 % range at end of 2024 and beyond. Current interim Treasurer Jim Mayfield knows there is a financial crises headed our way with assessments going to dramatically escalate in future years because on Anderson’s watch he was part of the financial irresponsibility that has gotten us into this fix.

At the same time Anderson is a huge Sandy Seddon supporter. She is perhaps the bigger problem with a contract till May 2025. It will take a new board majority to replace her. Her project mismanagement of the restaurant, pickleball courts, gym equipment, and more has created cost overruns and delays. Her performance has been abysmal. And now we face major infrastructure projects ( e.g.air conditioners) if you believe the 2023/2024 Reserve Study. And Anderson says that the $4.4 million expenditures identified and designated for 2024 is not real. Then why did the board approve the study knowing that the first year of the study was not real? What is real? This is just more failed leadership. Perhaps counseling will fix it? NOT!

It is time to clean house and return SCA to governance of financial soundness and administrative integrity. It starts with rejecting Anderson’s reelection bid and making sure he finishes last. More and better candidates will emerge. Anderson needs to go away. There is no kind way to say it and ensure the delivery of the message.

The pocketbook you save could be your own.

Until next time. Robert

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