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Do you believe in the rule of law? Do you expect your SCA Board of Directors to follow the law? Do you expect SCA Community Managers as licensed by the State of Nevada, to as required point out to our board what is required by informing the board of their obligations? If you answered NO to any or all of these then please do not read further. If you answered YES to all of these questions then you are a good citizen and responsible homeowner.

The current board violates the law regularly. Here is the most recent example and I condemn the current board members and Community Managers that allow the wrongdoing and make excuses or even ignore it.

If you followed what now resigned Treasurer and resigned CFO colluded to do as admitted at the October TOWN HALL session was they violated the law and honest budgeting. Here is just one budget issue. In order to attempt to discover the truth I sent the following records request to Community Manager Doris Logar.

“The 2024 Budget is suppose to be by law disclosing all revenues and expenses. I just today received the Notice for the Annual Ratification meeting and the budget is not prepared in accordance with the law. I urge you to notify the board of their wrongful submission and ask them to do it over. Specifically the restaurant revenues are not disclosed nor are the expenses as the Budget includes a $298,700 net expense. This also violates generally accepted accounting principles.

If not corrected I intend to file an action with NRED to 1. get you to comply and 2. fine SCA the $1,000 and other disciplinary action the Commission may deem appropriate. As CAM you have a duty to advise the board properly.

In addition Greg Swenson at the October Town Hall disclosed that WHG which had a contractual duty to present its budget on August 15 was given an extension until the end of October. That didn’t relieve the board to produce an honest budget.

Mr. Swenson on the video said he directed WHG to create a fraudulent document that would support the bogus $200,000 loss and then also prepare a real document that actually was their real budget for 2024.

I am requesting a copy of WHG’s real actual detailed supporting budget that should have been submitted by October 31 and incorporated into the SCA 2024 Budget.”

We received in today’s mail a budget with the bogus $200,000 restaurant net loss component. Could WHG’s actual budget be for a $500,000 loss? More? Your board and staff have scammed you while violating the law.

Some will argue everything about the restaurant is an estimate anyway as we really don’t know what the restaurant is going to do. That’s true. But aren’t we entitled to WHG’s best estimate for their 2024 budget presented in accordance with the law and not a scam number? Yes. It impacts assessments. Maybe the board was fearful of a much bigger WHG restaurant loss projection requiring higher assessments? Maybe they already knew that? Remember homeowners were lied to from the beginning. I am so tired of the scamming and/or incompetence. Was this just another lie to keep assessments lower in 2024? I condemn the continued lies and condemn those in charge that allow and support the lies by not following the law. Make some noise. You deserve better.

Until there is a management and board in place that values following the law and follows it, we are all being poorly governed. We need honesty. We need competency. We need financial responsibility. Elections have consequences. The pocketbook you save could be your own.

Until next time….Robert

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  1. Marc on November 3, 2023 at 2:11 pm

    Connected?? Read the blog post above and think about this…

    Both a weak CFO and the Treasurer (who publicallly admits he doesn’t know GAAP) resign the same day?? Did a higher authority, like NRED demanded it. OR maybe the new accountants, having seen the books said we walk unless…. ??
    Clarification please !

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