Happy New Year to existing and first time readers!

I hope everyone has had a joyous holiday season. 2024 presents significant challenges to correct SCA’s financial and administrative mismanagement. Our house is not in order. We caught a break when the board wisely chose to name Jim Mayfield a Director and Treasurer for the remaining six months after failed Treasurer Greg Swenson and CFO both resigned. Jim agreed to serve until May 1, 2024. Besides being a competent financial guy, Jim is a person with strong leadership skills and integrity. But he can only do so much in his six months with a current board majority that has been irresponsible both financially and administratively and supports current mismanagement. A new board is installed May 1. Your votes will matter but we need candidates willing to receive our votes who will fix the problems.

We need one or two qualified homeowners to step up and serve as there are 3 open seats in the upcoming 2024 election. A current minority on the board needs more votes to become the majority for change. Hopefully qualified individuals will decide to run.

Serving is a sacrifice and the current board culture is insane and undesirable for it is infested with terrible organizational methods that require too much of an individual’s time. Paid management simply isn’t doing the job. No wonder good competent homeowners shy away from service. Board culture change is necessary. The current board majority’s failure to recognize that this current configured self management structure is an expensive failure as the current Chief Operating Officer is the wrong person for the job. That evidence is everywhere. And until a new board majority recognizes that and acts to change the culture ,structure ,and personnel we will have continued financial and administrative mismanagement.

In future posts, I will detail many of the issues and why you should support candidates to form a new board majority committed to change.

In the meantime if you or your neighbor is up to this challenge of change perhaps you can contact Jim Mayfield and get his perspective. Self nominations are open January 2 and close February 5. There are forms to fill out. You can get them on website or the Administrative office. Hopefully we can elect a solid board majority that will act in the best interests of homeowners. If you want to discuss with me write

Please encourage concerned friends and neighbors to visit and stay informed as events unfold or just be signed up to receive new posts. If currently disinterested or find this communication distasteful you can simply unsubscribe and ignore the reality facing SCA. Remember, the pocketbook you save may be your own.

Until next time…..Robert

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