Contract Creation and Oversight!

CONTRACT CREATION & OVERSIGHT!Whether it is new construction or maintenance of assets a lot of your HOA assessments are spent annually in this area. Project and contract management are key skill sets that our management must possess in order to be competent stewards of our money.
The current Chief Operating Officer ,Sandy Seddon, lacks those skill sets as the evidence is everywhere with poorly negotiated contracts, cost overruns and significant delays in completion.
Also timing of work is important and how many times have you seen work on the pools be at the most inopportune time.
We have in our community lots of people who understand and are skilled at contract creation and project management oversight. They are well aware that we are being poorly managed. Current board member Rick Ernest has been a crusader in this area. On NEXTDOOR Doug West has been out spoken and right. Tom Holt a very experienced business owner knows his stuff. These are serious people.Sandy Seddon is an excellent manager of explanations when she wants to be. She has political skills. The current February Spirit edition has her piece on the Pickleball courts new construction saga. And actually it’s a good piece and has lots of merit in her explanations. But this isn’t typical. There is a big difference between explanations and excuses. I give her a pass on the pickleball courts but not on the hundred’s of thousands of dollars of cost over runs on her watch. And there is a provision in Nevada Law allowing homeowners to offer other points of view in Spirit and each time I offered such rebuttals they were unlawfully rejected. But that is our society today. The rule of law is at risk. Those in charge decide which laws matter. Our HOA is infected and you can do something about it.Elections are the only recourse homeowners have and who serves on the Board of Directors determines who our Chief Operating Officer is. In my view and so many other homeowners her compensation package( exceeding $300,000) is outrageous and perhaps that wouldn’t be so bad if she were really competent. Her failures at creating contracts( other than her own) and proper project oversight warrant your votes in the coming election to create a new board majority that will not renew her contract, not give her a bonus and seek her replacement. Previous boards were way too generous and perhaps worse.Elections matter. The pocketbook you save could be your own. Until next time….Robert

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