I received in today’s mail from anonymous  concerned homeowners( envelope says ” SCA CONCERNED HOMEOWNERS”) excerpts of sections of Sandy Seddon’s contract suggesting that the board take action now.

It notes that the current contract self renews automatically for periods of 180 days unless terminated prior to May 1, 2025.


1.Most notably the contract can not continue if the board in writing provides at least 90 days notice before expiration of the term which is April 30 ,2025.

2. There is an option to terminate for cause.

3. There is an option to terminate without cause at any time and financially:

a. SCA pays Base Salary earned through date of termination.

b. SCA pays all accrued and unused paid time off.

c. SCA pays any applicable employee benefits per plan.

d. SCA is also obligated to pay 3 months of Severance paid in one lump sum AFTER COO works the full 90 days and executes a standard general release of any and all claims. Disputes settled by arbitration with prevailing party entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees.

Concerned homeowners are asking the board to put an action plan in place at this time to move beyond the Sandy Seddon era and choose an alternative. Based on her dismal and incompetent track record it is time to move on. They believe that terminating Sandy Seddon is the BIGGEST NO BRAINER  IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. And so do I. Until next time….Robert

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