The preliminary financial statements for 2023 are posted on the web-site and here are a few points to be aware of.
YORKTOWN( restaurant) for 2023 lost $539,046 NOT including the utilities and insurance that they promised to allocate. More on Utilities later.

REPARS & MAINTENANCE for 2023 were budgeted in total at $328,200 and actual was $229,037. That’s a savings of $99,163 OR IS IT? Was there just bad budgeting or did resources get diverted to the restaurant and needed maintenance get deferred? Or both? For example here are 4 sub categories and how much under budget they were for 2023:a. Carpet and Floor Care underbudget by 80%.b. Building underbudget by 70%c. Plumbing underbudget by 30%d. HVAC underbudget by 25%.

INCOME TAX was budgeted at $75,000 and actual was $185,896. There is certainly a story there. On the January 25, 2024 Board of Director’s agenda there is an item to hire tax experts apparently to deal with an issue. CFO was incompetent. Sandy Seddon, Chief Operating Officer has a track record of hiring weak personnel in key slots and she needs to be replaced. In my view ifTreasurer Jim Mayfield hadn’t volunteered to step in after Treasurer resignation this would have gone undetected. We need a competent Chief Operating Officer who knows how to properly manage our operation. Board members are not expected to be worker bees. I have previously documented her failures and urge you to vote for candidates that WILL NOT renew her contract.

UTILITIES is a mess accounting wise due to a terrible board of directors decision promoted by current President Steve Anderson. By not installing separate meters for the restaurant President Anderson spun how they felt confident an allocation method would work. Well where are the allocations? Anderson is an academic and marriage counselor. He is running for reelection. If you want better decisions and better results do not reelect any incumbents seeking reelection. So for water and sewer, electricity and natural gas how much of the billing belongs to the restaurant?
Electricity came in at $476,646 an overage from budget of $61,646. How much is restaurant? Natural Gas budgeted at $140,000 came in over budget by $93,444. Again how much is restaurant?

INSURANCE. How much is restaurant’s allocation? We need solid accountings on restaurant performance. We don’t need therapy or lectures on how we should all get along. If I sound a bit miffed, it is because I am. The incompetence is staggering.

PAYROLL & BENEFITS was budgeted at $5.1 million and came in at $4.9 million. 2024 is budgeted at $5.373 million. Folks I have written about payroll bloat several times and our academic and marriage counselor praises the COO on the wonderful job she is doing with our wonderful staff. There is a fiefdom that needs a revamp. By comparison the audited 2021 Payroll and Benefits came in at $3,967,155. A $1,000,000 increase from end of 2021 to end of 2023. And budgeted in 2024 for another $430,000 over 2023 actual. GET THE PICTURE?

Well those are the highlights. I cannot emphasize more our collective need to make changes through this coming election and beyond. I want to thank Jim Mayfield for his insights and perseverance. We need your help in getting out the vote at end of March. Candidate recommendations will follow in March. The pocketbook you save could be your own. Until next time…Robert 


  1. The You on January 23, 2024 at 9:29 am

    Electricity came in at $476,646 an overage from budget of $61,646. This must be an error.

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    • BobbioBlog.com on January 24, 2024 at 3:04 pm

      That is 100% of all electricity for SCA for a year.

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